Colleen "Winter Dawn" Official Music Video (2017) Client: Thrill Jockey Records / Cécile Schott

Official Selection: Render 2017: Vancouver International Music Video Festival

Press:  Vox | Ghettoblaster | Sons of Marketing | Resident Adviser |Raven Sings the Blues | The Awl

Propelled by otherworldly synth, “Winter Dawn” is a song that references beauty in the wake of death. Colleen’s gorgeous new album is entirely electronic but it still has an organic quality to it like the rest of her work, so my biggest priority was to complement that. Utilizing a mixture of specialized acrylics, silicone, and painting medium, I poured nearly seventy cups of the mixture onto canvases and filmed the interactions from above with a macro lens. The paint underwent a simple chemical reaction as the medium isolated the colors from one another.

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